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In this episode I talk to Bethany Ann about how to attract a partner and create the relationship we really want.

Bethany shares her process of 3 As: Awareness, Abundance & Attraction.

We talk about how to prepare yourself for a fulfilling relationship and the specific steps you need to take to
attract the partner you want. Bethany shares how to resonate on the same frequency as your desired partner so you get drawn to each other.


Genius Zone with Terri Messenger


Today I had the privilege of speaking with the lovely Bethany Ann: Love and Relationship Coach.
She plays the roles of: teacher, mentor, lover, mother, intuitive: one who brings forth healing and transformation. Having been on her own spiritual journey for the past 5 years, Bethany understands what it takes to move from a place of fear and lack into a place of love and light. Tune in to learn why butterflies could actually be a signal that something is wrong!


The Grit Show- Growth On Purpose


Discover the 5 Love Languages and how they can enhance your relationships.


Mom's Talk Sex


Don't worry-there is only one question about sex on this episode. After a breakup or a divorce, there really is this period of where we just really need to focus on ourselves, by doing some healing around our relationships and everything that happened, and really do some self care, and self care. Not going to get a latte and taking a hot bath and having a spa day, right? Truly digging into the harder things that we resist doing, looking inside and asking the hard questions.